Stay Awake™️
A brand that follows your passion for speciality coffee. Our goal is to make your daily brewing routine a memorable yet simple experience.
We offer a selection of hand-picked types of beans with 100% assurance of their origin, processing and degree of roast. Each of our suppliers is a certified coffee grower that needs to adhere to our quarterly quality tests carried out by Stay Awake™️ evaluators.
The brand
We believe that coffee is complex yet pure in its form. We like to think of our brand the same way. That's why we combine timeless vintage typography with modern, muted tones of green and blue.

Our brand is ready to conquer together with a new generation of coffee enthusiasts born in the digital era. We pay attention to every step of the detailed branding process - just like we do with our complex daily brewing routines.

More than coffee
Stay Awake™️ is all about coffee. That's why we decided to introduce carefully designed guides and notebooks with our fellow speciality coffee enthusiasts.

Some matching clothes wouldn't hurt either. Show others that a cup of coffee is temporary, but passion for it is forever.

Good to see You
Enjoy the best coffee can offer in our cafe. Drip, French press, Aeropress, Chemex - you name it, we'll make it. Meanwhile you can sit back and enjoy our cozy spaces.

It's a whole experience.

Thank you for watching!

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