REANS is a fashion brand with responsibility in mind.
Set out to create unique pieces of clothing from denim waste, all jackets are 100% upcycled and made locally in Poland. All garments can be customized to fit individual needs - from denim type to custom made painting on the back.
Made by young people for the future of the planet.
REANS logo expresses its core brand values: dynamics of the new generation and environmental awarness. Incorporated in a simple yet effective "R" logo.
Type to fit the dynamics of the new generation.
Distinctive typeface - Anisette Std - is designed to make a statement. Its all caps nature with wide caps variants for all letters completes the brand identity - from wash tags to social media posts.
Thanks for watching!
Brand: Reans   |   Model: Ania Lorenz    |   Photos: Michał Białowąs 
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