Muzycko, grejze mi!
The idea behind the album cover is to express feelings and emotions that accompany folk musicians and singers when creating traditional art and music.

Original Polish folk patterns meet modern visual ID of Warsaw University of Technology on the cover of the album created to celebrate 70 years of the Song and Dance Ensemble.
Listen to the full album available on Spotify:
We would like to proudly present our newest album “Muzycko, grejze mi!” 
The presented pieces constitute a record of the last 10 years of the Company’s work. Our diverse repertoire includes regional songs from various parts of Poland, including: Śląsk, areas around Rzeszów, Sącz and Krakow, along with Wielkopolska and Kurpie. You can also listen to songs from the period of pre-war Warsaw and Lviv, melodies played at noble courts in the 18th century and pieces inspired by music from the Romantic era.  Most of the “Music, which plays for us” comes from the treasury of traditional culture- they are more or less known musical motifs, of which authors in many cases remain unknown. However, along with arrangements of folk music, the album also includes compositions created especially for the Company, which we are extremely proud of. These are i.a. Kujawiak z Oberkiem by Mirosław Jakubowski, or a Waltz composed by Krzysztof Kozłowski. 

Who are the members of ZPiT PW? 
We are a group of students, enthusiasts of Polish folk culture, amateurs of dance, music and singing, supported by the professional staff. This year ZPIT PW celebrates its 70th anniversary. Over the past seven decades, generations of our members have spread love and respect for the national culture and Polish tradition to their families, friends and viewers. We hope that thanks to this album we will be able to spread this passion even further…

(excrept from the "Muzycko, grejze mi!" album cover, copyright by The Song And Dance Ensemble Of The Warsaw University Of Technology) 

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